10 Different Ways to Do Push-Ups

Regular Push-Ups not challenging enough? Looks like you need different ways to do push-ups

Push-ups are certainly challenging for some people, but once you get good at them they become way too easy. If you can comfortably do 4-5 sets of 15 push-ups then it’s time for a change. Try these 10 Different Ways to Do Push-Ups:

1. Incline Push-up

Perform a regular push-up with your feet up on a bench, box, or any elevated surface. This places more stress on the upper chest and delts. The higher the incline, the more stress on the delts.

2. Medicine Ball Push-Up

There are a few variations of this. First, perform a standard push-up with your hands placed on medicine balls. Once that becomes easy, perform a push-up with both hands on medicine balls and both feet on medicine balls. Another option is to perform a push-up with one hand on a medicine ball and the other on the floor, stressing one pec at a time.

3. Bosu Ball Push-Up

Grab a Bosu Ball with the blue ball facing down, palms on the outside edges. Keeping your back straight and hips neutral, perform your push-ups slow and controlled. The Bosu Ball will throw your balance off placing more stress on the stabilizing muscles in your arms and chest.

4. Double Bosu Ball Push-Up

Once the Bosu Ball Push-Up becomes easy, place your feet on the center of a Bosu Ball (blue ball part facing down) and try it again. Now your lower body AND upper body will be out of balance placing more stress on your core and the stabilizing muscles in your arms and chest.

5. Spiderman Push-Up

Begin in a push-up position. As you lower your chest to your hands bring your left knee to the outside of your left elbow. Return to the starting position. Repeat this push-up by bringing your right knee to the outside of your right elbow.

6. Medicine Ball Passing Push-Up

Begin in a push-up position with one hand on a medicine ball. Complete the one-armed medicine ball push-up and once you reach the top of the movement pass the ball to your other hand. Repeat, completing push-ups and passing the ball back and forth from hand to hand in between each push-up.

7. Push-Up to Front Raise

Complete a push-up and at the top of the movement raise one arm so it is parallel with the floor and your body. Repeat and switch sides.

8. Push-Up to Side Plank

Complete a push-up and at the top of the movement turn your body perpendicular to the floor with your hand raised towards the ceiling. Repeat and switch sides.

9. Atomic Push-Ups (TRX)

Begin with your feet in the TRX and your hands in a push-up position. Complete a push-up and at the top of the movement, bring your knees in to your chest. Want to make it harder? Hold on to a Bosu-Ball while doing the push-ups.

10. Drop Set Push-Ups

You’ll need a partner for this. Begin in the push-up position and have your partner place 2-3, 25 lb or 45 lb plates on your back. Complete as many pushups as possible and have your partner remove one plate. Continue until you have no plates on your back and then continue doing push-ups at body weight until failure.

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