6 Pack Bags Expedition 300 (Review)

“6 Pack Fitness creates iconic bags, luggage, and meal management travel gear for serious athletes, bodybuilding, CrossFit™ and fitness enthusiasts” – 6 Pack Fitness’ Mission Statement. After receiving the Innovator 500 as a gift and posting it on my Instagram repeatedly, I was headhunted by the6 pack bags expedition 3006 Pack Fitness team and given an amazing opportunity to work with them. Being an avid meal prepper with a degree in Dietetics and a career in the fitness industry, this was a dream come true. This review is going to focus on the Stealth Black Expedition 300 backpack though. The first bag they sent me after joining the team.6 pack bags fitness expedition 300

1. Holds 3 meals in 3 Sure Seal Containers
2. Includes a mini Sports Nutrition container
3. A fleece-lined pocket for a laptop/tablet.
4. Fleece-lined pockets for sunglasses and accessories.
5. Side pockets for shaker bottles
6. A large storage pocket that I use for gym clothes, supplements, and shower supplies.
7. Insulated refrigeration unit that stays cold for 12+ hours.
8. A small front pocket that I use as a quick First Aid kit (bandaids, lip balm, hydrocortisone, Neosporin, eye drops, etc.).
9. Includes a small carrying bag for gym shoes.

Great for:
1. Gym use, especially if you work as a Trainer or Group Exercise Instructor.
2. Hiking
3. Beach Days (although the Innovator 300 or 500 is a better option)
4. Office (although the Elite Executive Briefcase is a better option)

To summarize, I would definitely recommend getting the Expedition 300 if you work a fitness related job where your days are generally 8-9 hours. I used to carry the Innovator 500 around with a separate bag for gym clothes and a case for my laptop. What I like most about the Expedition 300 is that it holds just enough meals to get me through work, enough room for a change of clothes, and a compartment for my laptop at just . If your days are typically 9+ hours I would recommend stepping it up to the Expedition 500. If you work a job where the dress code is more business/business casual I would recommend looking into the Elite Executive Briefcase because it looks more professional but still functions like the Expedition 300. I’ll have a review of the Innovator 500 up soon that will highlight the features and benefits of that bag versus the Expedition 300.

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