The 6 Fitness Fundamentals for Success

If you want to see great, lasting results, you absolutely need to get these 6 Fitness Fundamentals down. They’re tried and true fundamentals that guarantee success. Enjoy!

1. Focus On Your Priorities

If your goal is to put on 10 lbs of muscle, don’t be discouraged when you also put on a little fat. Focus on your first priority: gaining muscle. After you hit that first goal you can focus on burning that little extra fat you put on. ┬áThe point is to make a plan and then follow that plan religiously.

2. This is a Lifestyle, Not Just a Program

Some people see great results following a fad diet, detox program, exercise program, or whatever it was that they started. The problem is once that program ends they’re back to their old ways. Health is not a program. Fitness is not a program. This is a lifestyle and if you want the best results that last a lifetime, you should make your healthy living program a healthy living lifestyle.

3. What You Eat is 70% of the Battle

If you’re like the majority of people, you can work off a bad diet. Eventually it catches up to you. Whatever your goal may be, make sure you’re eating in a way that supports your goal. If you focus on your diet first you’ll see results no matter what.

4. Change Up Your Workouts

You probably noticed great results starting your fitness program for the first 3 weeks. Then what happened? You plateaued. You stopped seeing results so you started losing motivation. You lost motivation so you stopped going to the gym. Now you’re back to where you started. You need to change up your routine. Get a trainer, join some classes, look up great new workouts online. Your body adapts to routines quickly and when that happens it sees no reason to make a change. Try new variations of basic exercises, change up the angles you work with. Change your grip. Anything you can do to make your exercises more challenging and interesting is a step forward.

5. Don’t Go Crazy Tracking

I’ve seen great results tracking what I eat and what workouts I do. However, I don’t think it’s fundamentally necessary to obsess over these things the way people do. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t need a FitBit to know whether he was training enough or eating right. All you need is a good plan. Adhere to it as best as you can and you’ll get the results you’re after. If you don’t adhere to it you’ll know why you aren’t getting results.

6. Focus on Recovery

This is an important, often overlooked fitness fundamental.You need to pay attention to how you’re recovering. My 4 most important recovery techniques are Diet, Massage, Stretch and Sleep. Make sure you dedicate time every week (or every day if possible) to focus on recovering. Your body and mind will thank you.

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