Wilde Snacks Paleo Bar (Review)

Recently a company called Wilde Snacks sent me a case of their paleo bars to try. The flavors included Thai Chili Chicken, Blueberry Maple Turkey, Strawberry Black Pepper Bison, and (turkey?). I tried each flavor and came up with a list of things that I like about the product and what I don’t like about the product. Here we go:

What I Liked
– High in protein.
– Low in carbs and fat.
– Great packaging.
– Each bar contains lean meat, veggies, fruit and organic complex carbs.
– The flavors are interesting.

What I Disliked
– The consistency. It has too much of a baked-cookie, cakey integrity. This is something that would be perfect for its target market if I could really tear into it like beef jerky.

This product is great for the outdoorsy type of person who really enjoys snacks like beef jerky and sunflower seeds. The only problem I have with the Wilde bar is that it wants to be a baked good and it should really want to be a jerky product. It feels weird…almost creepy to bite into a soft baked good and taste meat. The flavor is there, the nutritional content is fantastic, but the consistency is what keeps this product from being phenomenal.

My Recommendation
Try the Bison bar. It had the jerkiest consistency, great flavor, it was satisfying and is packed with protein.


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